We have been flying RC models for more than 20 years. During this time we have helped into the beautiful world of flying RC models to more than 200 pilots. We already have extensive experience in teaching RC flying and we know that every pilot is different and everyone needs a very individual approach. In any case, you don't have to worry that we wouldn't teach you to fly. A huge number of aircraft of all possible types, sizes and motorizations have already passed through our hands. From gliders, via hotliners, WWI, WWII, 3D acrobats, slowflyers, scale models, EDF, etc.

The mission of the RC flying school is to bring the joy of flying to other beginners because we were years ago at a similar beginning and we know that just the help, in the beginning, is the most important thing when flying with RC models. We enjoy bringing the joy of flying to the faces of novice pilots.


Are you going to buy a radio-controlled model aircraft, or have you already purchased or have you already suffered hard contact with Mother Earth? Flying with the RC model is not that simple. If you do not want to worry contact our RC School, we will save you many hard moments, feelings of disappointment, despair and last but not least a lot of money that you otherwise invest at least in new parts or into new aircraft.





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